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  • World Exhibition ITB 2016

    • Kalout & ITB 2016
      Kalout & ITB 2016

      ITB the biggest world Exhibition of Tour Community; the core of "Experience & Expertise" & also best appointment spot for Kalout; as always see you at our booth...We’d be at the service of all our colleagues & dear clients.



      Roumi the 7th century Persian mystic/poet says:
      “Being of the same heart is better than being of the same language"

      As the pioneer eco-cultural tour organization in Iran, We would like to offer you a world beyond languages, colors, races and religions, thorough sharing our experience & knowledge of nature, culture and history of ancient lran with you .

  • Iran Desrt

    • Desert Visiting / Walking Tours
      Desert Visiting / Walking Tours

      Desert Visiting / Trekking Tours
      The two deserts of Iran, the central salt (Kavir-e Namak ) and Lout desert are among the most interesting parts and at the same time one of the least explored spots of the country. The Kavirs hold many hidden treasures, such as ancient oases, salt polygons, underground aqua–ducts and most magnificent of all, the Kalouts. Lout, Mesr and Maranjab are the names of some of our Desert tours.

  • Iran Adventure Tours

    • Iran Adventure Tours
      Iran Adventure Tours

      Iran, a great destination for adventurers, can give you whatever you like: hiking, skiing, biking, climing, snowboarding or even a little bit of adventures; the only need of which is to register in our Adventure Tours, online. It's been defined as a leisure activity, taking place in an unusual, exotic, remote, & wilderness spot, tending to be associated with high involvement in mostly outdoor activities of the participants.

  • Iran Cultural

    • Iran Historical & Cultural sites
      Iran Historical & Cultural sites

      Iran plateau is one of the oldest homelands amongst the world ancient human civilizations; throughout of which, there exist numerous historical sites and monuments. Quite well attesting to the existence of the ancient civilizations, some of them date back to 6th millennium BC.

  • Iran Nomads Tours

    • Iran Nomadic Tribes Visits
      Iran Nomadic Tribes Visits

      There are several nomadic tribes living in Iran; their economy of whom are based on animal husbandry and therefore their life style, dominated by their seasonal kooch(migration). Among the main tribes, Qashghaeeha live in Fars, Bakhtiariha in the slopes of Zard Kouh and Eilsovans in the Azerbaijan province, whom mostly are still keeping their old life style.

  • Iran Exotic Villages

    • Iran Exotic Villages
      Iran Exotic Villages

      Several exotic and historical villages with their unique “step” architecture & cave dwellings are among the interesting sites for those who would like to visit places of particular interest in Iran; from amongst of which Abyaneh, Kandovan, Hajij and Masouleh can be named.

  • Iran Mountaineering

    • Iran Mountaineering
      Iran Mountaineering

      Asia has the highest mountains of the word; from amongst of which Iran consists some of the largest ones. Covering almost ¾ of the land, beautiful Alborz range in the north, & the magnificent Zagros range in the west, are also included. Among the most important summits of Iran, Damavand (5,671m)on the north of Tehran, is a Silent Volcano .

  • Iran Safari Tours

    • Iran Safari Tours
      Iran Safari Tours

      Our safari tours are formed in small adventure groups with comfort camping, consisting of a long day exploration in the breathtaking beauties of Iran, vast diversity of flora & fauna, sixteen National Parks, & nine million hectares of protected areas, accompanied with professional guides.

  • Iran Geo Tourism

    • Iran Geo Tourism
      Iran Geo Tourism

      We love Iran and we think you will too. That is why Kalout focus on the core values of Geotourism; for which we design & conduct unique vacation experiences. Geotourism sustains & enhances the geographical characters of a place as to include its environment, culture, aesthetics and heritage. Gheshm and Sistan can be named as the best samples of geographical characters.

  • Iran Art Tours

    • Iran Art Tours
      Iran Art Tours

      The biggest Carpert , which is one of the contemporary art in Iran is made of soil by Iranian artists in Hormoz, Persian Gulf. This huge carpet with the size of 20 m x 20 m, was made by colorful soil of Hormoz Island. The residents of this area represent this wonderful art usually in Fall and Winter.

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