Aftab Kalout Eco Tour & Travel co

Our Core Values

- Introducing natural wonders, variety, and innovation in nature-based travels.
- Conducting tours based on responsible use of the environment
- Respect for the culture and belief system of the native communities.
- Providing a friendly, joyful, and respectful environment for our tour clients.
- Providing opportunity  for educational, wondrous and different travel experiences.
- Punctuality, efficiency and safety.
- Respect for material & spiritual health.
- Using local accommodations & facilities to help the economy of the native people.

 Our employees love nature and that is why from the beginning of a tour to its end they work energetically and enthusiastically.
Before conducting any kind of a tour, we take a research trip to the point of interest and teach our trained employees the special skills needed for that tour. We explain our standards to the employee and try to transfer our company‘s collective experience to them. Constantly we seek to apply innovative ways of providing service by our guides. During an Eco-Tour our trained and experienced guides explain to our companions how to care for nature.

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