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Iran Birdwatching Tours (2 Tour)

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Trip Code: I-C000ST-N-18-15-R Bird watching in Persian Gulf Coastlines

Province :Hormozgan، Khuzaestan، Sisitan and Baluchestan
This Tour is inviting you to visit Iran emigrant & endemic birds of South provinces, in a route of about 1.752 km, placed on Persian Gulf & Omman Sea, encompassing: Khuzestan(African Darter, Marbled Duck, Pied Kingfisher, White-throated Kingfishers), Hormozgan(Sind Woodpecker, Western Osprey, Indian Pond Heron, Crested Honey Buzzard) and Baluchestan (Indian Roller, Sand Lark, Goliath Heron, Tawny Eagle).

Tour Type/ Activities: Bird watching
Style: Youth, Family
Physical Grading:

Service level: Standard
Best Season:


 Bird watching in Persian Gulf Coastlines

Trip Code: IRNBW-Re Bird watching Tour in North of Iran | Iran North

Province :Zanjan، Kermanshah، Ardabil، Gilan، Mazandaran، Tehran
In this trip we visit 3 main bird watching zones of Iran like Kani Brazan (with White Pelican, Egyption Vulture, ect.)
,Anzali Lagoon (with various types of swans and ducks) and Miankaleh (with Dalmatian Pelican, White-tailed Eagle, ect.) in a total space of around 120,000 hectares.
We will visit Ancient history of Iran in "Takht-e Soleiman", the biggest fire temple in Iran and also
UNESCO World heritage. Then, have a circulation in one of Iran's important water cave, named "Sahoulan", & pass "Hircani Jungles" as one of the global oldest forests with over 10,000 years old in north of Iran, which is really eye-catching.
Afterwards, we pass alongside Caspian, the world biggest Lake, get familiar with different Iran ethnic groups like Azari, Kurdish, Gilaki and Mazandarani people and enjoy their hospitality; out of which an unforgettable memory would be gathered.
The last attraction & natural highlight of this trip would be surely Damavand Mountain with 5671 meter altitude as the highest mountain in west Asia, with a unique view!

Tour Type/ Activities: Bird watching- cultural
Style: Active
Physical Grading:

Service level: Complete
Best Season:


Bird watching Tour in North of Iran | Iran North

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