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Foods & Drinks in trip

Food & drink are considered as new experiments & two unseprable parts of trip & experiencing various & new tastes, as the initiator of each region culture. Due to its specific geographic situation in middle east & variety of tribes, iran is one of those, which has the most unique colorful dishes. Thanks to the two vast coastlines, resulted in sorts of sea foods, & the existent of two huge mount ranges, as the place of medical & smelling plants, Iran, is one of the most important destinations of global trips, providing the experiences of various tastes.
Preparing its trips based on the familiarity with native & local blessings, Kalout invites its companions to the feast of its trips to experience different tastes. Most of the guests are that much satisfied upon the local foods, which from amongst three different conversation topics throughout the trip, i.e. foods, tribes, & geographical situation,  the first issuehas been allocaed to Iranian various foods.

In Kalout trips, foods are devided to two main groups:
1. The included
 in three following types, these foods serve in:

A. Resturants
B. Local houses
C. Camps

A. Regarding the trip service level, kalout always identifies the best en routes resturants , with high standard & famous branches; in which give the passengers the services. Most menus of Iranian foods encompass red meat, chicken, fish, & the whole vegetables & cereals which are provided through industrial & professional baking.; the result of which would be but the memorable unique tastes of the entire globe.
B. Food serving in local houses is one of the most welcomed fashions, by which Kalout …
Intertaining in these houses, rather than experiencing Iran various local foods, gives guests the opportunity of  getting familiar with the methods of cooking Iranian food & the ways of processing them; all of which prepared out of aboriginal ingredients.
C. All of foods of Kalout fixed & portable camps, whether in winter or summer trips, are prepared by tour cook or leader, mostly out of fresh materials & all sorts of soup. Kalout specific soup is reputed amongst most of the internal & external tourists. This soup is prepared out of different  local vegetables & dairy/protein extracts; to the process of baking, the passengers are welcomed to give a hand.

2. the excluded:
Encompassing those ones not mentioned in the itinerary, that are over the passenger; whether served at resturants( chosen through menu & ordered by the help of tour guide), & paid off by the passenger, or in the form of prepared & portable ones, taking along with themselves: of which they would be informed in advance.
Note: Throughout the days of Ramadan month, foods are only served at hotels, local houses, or camps.

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