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Necessary Gears

Essential gears and Equipments: your required equipments and gears varies based on your trip itineraries and the time of your trip. It would be better not to travel with heavy packs if you are a nature traveler, we will carry your heavy luggage and suitcases in long trips.
Don't forget to carry a small bag or backpack for your camera, personal things , your own needed medicine and light foods, which will be important for trekking programs.
Take a look at the following items, which might be just a reminder for the things you may need during your trip.
-Identification card, Passport, Your  international and domestic plane, train tickets, and your trip contract.
Luggage, backpack, a small back pack and your full name labeled on your luggage
Your own prescription, anti bacterial jel, sun tan lotion, anti sting ointment, and lip and hand ointments.
You'd better pack dark cloth, which are easy to wash and dry soon, you'd better pack suitable cloth for rainy and windy days and nights, especially in the middle of desert, cap and sunglasses will  protect your eyes from sun ray.
You's better have the following items in the campsites:
Sheets and sleeping bags, portable small pillow , torch and …….
Based on the rainy days
Rain coat, waterproof bag and pants, sport shoes and sandals
trekking pole stick
Camera, Camera equipments such as ram or memory card, Extra batteries and Camera case.
Warm underwear, Woolen hat and gloves, DVT Socks, Scissors, small knife

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